Wigoda Sanasa Ltd, started on 30th July 1986. It was registered under the Sanasa Federation. Within these several years it became a well established co-operative bank and gained a good publicity in Gampaha District.
Under the leadership of the present chairman the society thrived from 0.4 million to 120 million of financial assets within 6 years. Presently we have a 3tier Building, computerized banking system and 2 sub branches, opening all 7 days in the week.
As a progressive bank our director board lookup not only to national workshops but also we have achieved international relations with foreign co-operative banks by having workshops and seminars. We achieve our goal to work as a commercial bank for our clients including savings accounts and loan transactions. For people with low income there is scheme to promote their savings as well as giving loans with low interest to purchase land and homes.

Apart from the banking transactions our services include managing a preschool named “Luckisuru”, Sanasa computer institute and Sanasa public library to improve educational standards of our society.  In 2010 we started Sanasa Food stall (a Grocery) to buy food and other things for a reasonable price.  

Our Awards
Gampaha District Sanasa Union was organized a assessment and evaluation programme with in the thrift & credit cooperative societies (SANASA) in the Gampaha district on 08th December 2011.
Wigoda SANASA Society Ltd. was awarded the A Grade of the first class in the Gampaha District. Deshashakthi, Deshabandu, deshamannya Mr. Sameera Senanayaka, Hon.chairman of the Wigoda SANASA Society got the award, from the hand of Mr. M.Gunarathna Chairman of the SANASA Federation Ltd.
Hunger And Poverty Reduction Programme........
Wigoda Sanasa Ltd was awarded the Social Awareness Special Award by SANASA Federation on Saturday 29th October 2011. The awarding ceremony was conducted by the federation for celebrating 87th World Thrift Day and evaluating the participants who gave their cooperation to the POVERTY REDUCTION PROGRAMME......
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